3-in-1 Large Folding Wooden Chessboard Checkers Gaming Set

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Product Description:

This high-end chess is not only suitable for adults to play, but also can be a useful tool to inspire children and stimulate their intelligence.

The folding chessboard is easy to carry and can be played indoors or outdoors, and can be used to pass time.

The chessboard is made of wood. The chessboard has fine texture, well-made chess pieces, high-quality workmanship, high-end, smooth hand feel, and durable.

This chessboard comes with two kinds of chess, and a variety of gameplay options. The chessboard can be folded into box and opened into a chessboard, which is convenient for storing and carrying chess pieces.


Product Specification:

Color: Brown

Material: Wooden

Size: 29x29x3 cm

Weight: 500g

Function: Gaming Set


Package Inclusion:

1 x Gaming Set

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