95pcs Professional Drawing Pencils and Sketching Art Tools

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Product Description:

This Drawing Set has all the things you need; it does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner, a teenage kid or an adult! These colored pencils are rich in color and not easy to erase. It has different types of pencils that can add depth and personality to your masterpiece.

Compared to a fiber container or iron box, this zipper case is made of canvas, which is sturdy, waterproof, and has no frills. More importantly, the pencils can be fixed firmly. Moreover, it is easy to carry and in this way, it can avoid damage to the nib caused by shaking in transit.

The drawing kit has a wide range of applications and it can be used on different occasions, such as school, office, art gallery, art museum, classroom art, etc., making it an ideal gift choice for gift giving.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: Wood, Color

Size: 29.5 * 21.5 * 4.7cm

Weight: 890g

Function: Drawing Kit


Package Inclusion:

12 x Sketch Pencil (2H/3H/4H/5H/HB/B/2B/3B/4B/5B/6B/8B)

72 x Oil Colored Pencil

3 x Charcoal Pencils (Soft/Medium/Hard)

1 x Graphite Pencil (6B)

3 x Paper Blending Stumps

1 x Sandpaper Board

1 x Eraser

1 x Double Head Pencil Extender

1 x Pencil Sharpener

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