Hand Beaten Copper Viola Vase

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This classy copper vase is an exclusive hand-beaten offering. As the name suggests, hand beating involves hammering and beating metal by hand to give it a desired shape and design. It has been a big part of the Indian history of traditional crafting. Metalworks were standard household articles, all of which were hand-beaten by the native artisans. It still holds its value today in artisanal crafting because it provides artisans with the freedom to innovate and customize to leave a unique mark on every crafting. This is where the technique differs from machine hammering, where a standard pattern repeats itself on every piece. It also reduces the manufacturing waste to zero because every last bit of the metal gets efficiently used in the crafting

Color : Copper

Production Method : Hand Beaten

Material Description : Copper

Size (L x B x H) : 4.03 x 4.03 x 5.07 Inches

Weight : 300 grams

Disclaimer : Handcrafted

Pack Contents : 1 Vase

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