Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry

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Product Information
Item:Hand-woven macrame wall hanging tapestry
Material:Wood and cotton rope


1:Very distinctive solid color woven bohemian tapestry, hand-woven, tight and delicate
2:Color and versatile, suitable for hanging in living room, study, hotel and other spaces
3:Good things can also be given to friends as gifts

Questions & Answer
Q1:How long is the delivery time?
A1:Ship within 3-7 days because we need stocking time, but maybe some friends are lucky enough that we can ship in one day when we have stock.
Q2:How long does it take to reach the parcel?
A2:According to some logistics methods, taking the United States as an example, the faster logistics is about 7-15 days, and other logistics is about 20-35 days,
but there are special circumstances that affect the speed of transportation.
Q3:What to do if I find the damage after receiving the goods?
A3:Please check the product for damage after receiving the package. If there is, we will make compensation. We do not accept disputes
such as "the product does not look as big as the picture" and other similar reasons, because our size is not wrong, the picture is only For reference,
if there is a malicious dispute, we will report to AliExpress, and AliExpress will punish your account afterwards.
Q4:When will the money be returned to the account after the dispute is successfully applied?
A4:About 3-20 days.
Q5:Do you accept dropshipping?
A5:Yes, we accept that we have a group of customers who have cooperated for a long time. We will not include any information
about prices, labels, promotions and so on in the package.

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